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Black Soil


Our fees:

$120 hourly fee for crew of 3, $35 each for additional crew member as needed.

$50 individual hourly fee for winter and as needed.
On site composting or yard waste bagging; $1.25 per bag left on site, in the location of your instruction.

Available at additional cost:
Fertilizers - acid loving, bloom boosting & all-purpose.  Organic options available.
Amendments - insect monitoring, deer & animal repellent, slug control.
A weed control solution is available for patios and rocky beds, as these are not included areas of weeding.

Late fee, $20 for invoices due over 30 days and $35 fee for NSF checks.
We are not responsible for broken irrigation lines or electrical lighting.

Additional services available:
Consultation, $50.  
Design, $100.  Includes sketch and plant list.
Personal shopper, $50/hr.  Includes selection & delivery of flowers, mulch, etc.

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